Our program /activity is implemented with a strong gender commitment to empower, build capacities, improve standing of living, ameliorate employment, enhance life and entrepreneurial skills for women and young people and (low income households or demographic populations) and for disadvantaged individuals and communities.


We also promote the development of social enterprises and local businesses through the mentoring, and coaching program at the Voice of Grace Foundation Social Entrepreneurs Incubator Mentoring/Coaching [VGF-SEIMEAC],


We strengthen, enhance, and sustain economic development and livelihood support through the initiation of the rural investment scheme (VGF Trust Fund for Poverty Alleviation) and the MicroEnsure Programs for the low-income demographic population, especially women, young people, and the rural farmers.


We enhance self-employment or reliance through the empowerment and engagement of young people and women through the Voice of Grace Foundation Social and Economic Facility Fund Assistance [VGF-SEFFA],


We identify talents and develop these and latent potentials to productive assets through the VGF Enterprise Hub Symposium (VGF-EnHubS) organized once every year and the VGF -Talent and Creative Centre Show (VGF-TCCS)


We promote the peaceful and violence free societies through the initiation and award of the Couples-Peace- Laurates Awards (Recognition/Cash Prizes) This is a competition that allows couple to use a non-violent approach in settling their marital differences.

Couples from all ages and generals, different cultural and religious backgrounds share their experiences of the worst scenario encounter in their marriage and how this was resolved. Youths conflicts and resolutions, etc

Partners to this Project- Grace Reconciliation/Restoration International Ministries(GRARIM), HRGs ( Diplomatic missions-German, America, Belgian etc)


We promote healthy communities and individuals through the primary health care, health and nutrition education, prevention education and awareness raising.