VGF uses its Economic Empowerment and Skill Building to integrate Culturally ostracized and Victim of dropout and early marriage.

a) Amina Issatou & Mimouna Yausifu (15 &16 years old) : We shared our testimony to the world of how VGF rescued us from young marriage. We are cousins of 15 and 16 years old respectively. According to our tradition we were already ripe for marriage. Two suitors surfaced but VGF met our parents and convinced them that they would sponsor our vocational training rather than giving us into early marriage. It was at this that our parents consented to let us be. So, they did as promised. We can now make fabric and produce African wears that is fast capturing the town. Even though tradition deprived us of education, we are back in the blues and are paving our way back to life. Thanks to Voice of Grace Foundation – Cameroon who challenge our evil tradition to make us what we are today.