HIV/AIDS Sensitization Seminar 200 plus participants

Quote# 1:  An HIV+ Patient: “We thank Strategies for Hope Trust” for bringing such renewed impetus in the fight of HIV and AIDS. We dead, without hope, abandoned to ourselves, but through the innovative message of hope from VGF and Hope Trust, we see light in the horizon, we see a new dawn of day, we hope this has come to stay. Indeed, dry bones shall live again!”

Quote #2: Pa Jerome A: “ I am pleased  I witnessed this. I am sure with such amazing messages and teaching from the Voice of Grace Foundation and assistance from Strategies for Hope Trust, we can now comfortably say the revival of our faith and destiny has come!’


Quote #3: Susan Ballak: “ i thank the almighty God, for this wonderful opportunity. It gladdens my heart to see an organisation like VGF mobilise communities to talk about the plight of HIV /AIDS in our community. Truly, I for one is living this workshop today with a different perception about HIV infected persons. I pray the almighty will help me to help them rather than judge them.”


Quote #4: “ I had always thought that HIV only comes through wayward life but I shock to know that this can happen to anybody without their knowledge. I will from today help our women group to fundraise towards assisting those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. I now know that it our responsibility to assist our infected brothers and sisters and help them by showing love rather than judging, mistreating and stigmatising them.”


10 .What comments or suggestions would you like to make about the workshop?


  1. a) Participants desire much frequent workshops in their respective communities especially on Call to Care (workbook7) , Pastoral Action on HIV/AIDS (4), Community Action on HIV/AIDS (5), Time To Talk (3) as these drive powerful messages for change, changing negative mindsets, attitudes and bringing visible changes and reconciling families.


  1. b) Participants are very much interested in exhausting the series as they will inevitably enhance the termination of the HIV transmission chain.


  1. c) We are so much impressed with turnout of the first workshop. This shows the importance and commitment people attached to the Epidemic –HIV/AIDS.


  1. d) Most interestingly is the fact that some two influential elites have dedicated and committed the sum of £154 every academic year to support five orphans in primary schools.  This is the fruit of our first workshop. I believe we would be able to make much impact with the resource material as well as leverage some more support for our work. We indeed thanked Strategies for Hope Trust for this largess. We would be using this training material during this holidays to put many youths on track to help them escape the danger of contracting HIV/AIDS.


  1. e) The workshop coincided with the commemoration of the World AIDS Orphan Day organised by Voice of Grace Every May. This witnessed more than three hundred participants who turn out for the day’s activities.