Entrepreneurship training for young people



Quote# 1:  Ndikaka Emelda said “She has found new hope in this work book redirecting her life. To her, she had always thought people become waywards when they lack support to find their way out in life. Rather this is a misleading idea that has destroyed the lives of many young girls especially between the ages of 15-18” She vows to be a crusader of mindset change and help young girls and her peers to lead a morality war.”


Quote #2: Euphrasia Nalova said  “This has taught me personally, we are one another’s keeper and should have our brothers and sisters reflect the image of Christ in their character. She quoted Ezekiel 33:1-11 where God says if a watchman allows people to die in sin, Him -God will hold the watchman responsible for their death. She continues to reiterate that all of the youths’ leaders are watchmen that God has selected and should any soul perish God will hold them accountable.”


Quote #3: Collette Asongwa said “In the light of what I have heard and learned today, I am rising up from this hall a new- person, with a new mindsets and with a new mission to win my entire community youth. I will serve as an ambassador of war against premarital sex.”


Quote #4: Peter Atoh said “Most young men use the influence and power of money to lure young and vulnerable girls to pre-marital sex. This has been my concern growing up as a teenager. Today I thank God that this concern has been address through this training workshop. My sisters we are behind you. Together we shall show the world that God is the one who created the world and not man. Man has failed in his wicked schemes to destroy the creation of God.”


Quote #5: Majorie Claudine Abomgsin said “Darkness is a pathway to destruction. We thanked Strategies for Hope Trust and Voice of Grace Foundation for this eye opening workshop. You donot know the souls you have saved today with this rich workshop. I will go out there to call others to come and see the organisations that have told us everything about us. We need such serious and less money minded institutions as yours whose mission is to change negative perceptions and help young people find their paths in life. To God be the Glory.


10 .What comments or suggestions would you like to make about the workshop?


  1. a) We would be killing our African children if we placed so much emphasis on money before doing anything. After the May 2016, Semi-conference on HIV/AIDS on workbook No 5: Community Action on HIV/AIDS (5), we were proven wrong that money is not everything. People came uninvited. The news is growing like wild fire. The same thing happened to the youth trainings where we have to organise a three days; four (4) different workshops for 156 young people who are  eager to make amends of their lives.

This was the training scheduled July 28-30th 2016, August 11th-13th 2016, August 18th -20th 2016 and August 29-31st 2016. We are reporting a summarised version of the workshops.

  1. b) Like Peter and John at the Beautiful Gate had neither silver nor gold yet they gave to the cripple what they had and this changed his life for eternity. Voice of Grace Foundation had not make money or a name but mission to “changing lives and restoring broken destinies!”  That is why we are doing what we are doing. If funders can support us create impact in the world, we would shout Hallelujah for that, if they do not we would continue to do what we are doing at our space and with the little available resources.


  1. c) Voice of Grace Foundation (VGF) and Grace Reconciliation and International Ministries (GRARIM) founded and headed by Pastor and Mrs. Ndonwi Wilfred are highly inspired by the work of Strategies For Hope Trust -to take this vision to another dimension. Through this, they have developed


  1. The Parent-Child- Communication and Skills Development (PCCSD) toolkit: A handbook that build parents skills to break taboos and myths about sex/ sexuality, to enhance the 3Rs of sex education and relationship for their children (Prov 22:6, Ps 119:9-12, Eph 6:1-4, Jn8:32-44)


  1. The Parent-Child-Advocacy Programme(PCAP) toolkit: A guide that enable parents to intervene in children abuse issues positively, assisting them in litigation matters and relating them to available –help-services to seek protection for their children when abused in anyway (1 Tim1:7, Phil 4:7-10, John8:32 )


  1. What the Future Holds:– A guide that examines the question of talents, giftedness, endowments and how these are put to use to challenge obstacles, poverty and other related social challenges


  1. The Broken Edge – The Woman’s Pride: An information tool and an Educative Material in the form of film documentary, for enhancing the fight against child marriage and HIV/AIDS Prevention, and promoting sex education in communities as means of breaking taboo and silence around sex education and its related social ills.


  1. d) We are so much impressed with the turnout of our second set of workshop targeting youths. This really helps us to understand how desperate and willing young people are fade up with the kind of life they are living. It also reminds us of the word of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ- people sinned without knowing! These young people are desperate but do not know how to go about this. Again, Voice of Grace Foundation commend the work of Strategies For Hope Trust.



  1. e) We have thought them the way out of evil. We equally trust the Almighty God to help us relate to those with the heart to help so that a lot to these youngsters will get their hands on some skills and vocational trainings so as to help them escape the temptation and dangers of poverty, which is highlighted within these workshops as the “mother of all crimes”